Frequently Asked Questions

Who We Are:

Welcome to Wholesale Jewellery UK, also known as WJUK. We are a manufacturer and wholesaler of jewellery and accessories with over 8 years experience of selling jewellery. We are based in Manchester, UK and run by a team of UK nationals residing in Manchester.

UK Based Wholesaler:

Our website,, has recently been created to solely serve the UK market. Here, we will focus on meeting the needs of customers, jewellery businesses and those wanting to start a jewellery business and/or jewellery side hustle, who are based in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. 

Social Media & Reviews:

Over the coming months we will be building up our UK market, social media and online reviews, so if you can help spread the word, it would be most appreciated.

Ethical & Sustainable Practices:

We follow all UK regulations when it comes to jewellery and metal content, health and safety and employment rights etc. We solely supply the UK market and are based in the UK, so you can be assured that all these commitments are followed.


Eco-Friendly Packaging:

All of our packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly, using biodegradable materials. We don't ship items using plastic or unsustainable packaging. We do our best to choose courier services that follow best practices when it comes to their carbon footprint.

Metal Content:

All our metals contain no Lead, Nickel and Cadmium and we do regular testing to assure this. All of our metal pendants and chain necklaces are made from medical grade steel to assure that they are safe and allergy free for everyone.

Gemstone and Wooden Jewellery:

All our gemstones and wood are natural, unless otherwise stated. Colours and sizes may vary, as these are natural products. Some gemstones are harder to source than others, so there may be times that we are out of stock of these, compared to other gemstones. We will attempt to keep our stock list updated to show this and let you know at the earliest opportunity of out of stock items.

Out Of Stock Items:

On rare occasions we may have items out of stock that have not been updated to show this on the website. We supply thousands of products and are constantly updating our catalogue with new items and accessories. Because of this some items may be out of stock which we have missed. If you place an order and an item is out of stock, we will let you know as soon as possible. We can either replace the item with something similar or offer you a refund or credit note of the value of the missing item. Any replaced item will also include some freebies as an extra thank you from us.


Contact Information:

If you have any more questions or queries, you can contact us using the contact form on our website or email Thank you for taking the time to read our frequently asked questions and we hope we can be your jewellery and accessory supplier very soon. 

  • Your Discount On The Whole Order:

    • 2 Items - 2% Discount
    • 3 Items - 3% Discount
    • 4 Items - 4% Discount
    • 5 Items - 5% Discount
    • 6 Items - 6% Discount
    • 7 Items - 7% Discount
    • 8 Items - 8% Discount
    • 9 Items - 9% Discount
    • 10 Items - 10% Discount
    • 11 Items - 11% Discount
    • 12 Items - 12% Discount
    • 13 Items - 13% Discount
    • 14 Items - 14% Discount
    • 15 Items - 15% Discount
    • 16 Items - 16% Discount
    • 17 Items - 17% Discount
    • 18 Items - 18% Discount
    • 19 Items - 19% Discount
    • 20 Items - 20% Discount
  • Your Free Shipping £100+

    • Get free shipping to anywhere in the UK when you spend £100 or more including taxes. We offer a flat fee of £7.50 for orders under this amount, and there is no minimum order or extra charges on smaller orders.
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    • Simply click on the create account button below and we will send you your welcome email with your £150 discount you can use on any of your orders.

    • And remember, your £150 discount codes can be used in conjuction with any of our quantity discount codes and free shipping codes for maximum savings.
  • Order Any Amount, Large Or Small

    • We dont charge any additional admin costs all small orders, or have any minimum order amount, unlike other wholesalers.

    • If you simply need a small top up or want to try out a new product you can order any amount and not have to pay anything extra.

    • If you do want to order more items, we offer quantity discounts for every additional item up to 20% discount and free shipping on any orders of £100 or more.
  • The More You Order, The More Freebies You'll Receive.

    • All of our jewellery will be shipped to you in free eco-friendly drawstring bags that you can either resell or choose to keep for yourself or a loved one.

    • On larger orders above £50 we will also throw in another 2 items for free from our jewellery collections.

    • Spend £100 or more and you can expect 5 free items with your order. Keep an eye out for our newsletters, or on our website, for other freebies we will be giving away each month.
  • Discounts & Freebies

    ✔️ Free gifts with every order
    ✔️ Quantity discounts 2+ items

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    ✔️ All prices include VAT
    ✔️ £150 off for new customers

  • Earn Money With Us

    ✔️ UK based customer service
    ✔️ Affiliate commissions for you

  • Free Shipping, No Minimum

    ✔️ No minimum order
    ✔️ Free shipping over £100