Collection: Labradorite Jewellery

Our wholesale labradorite jewellery is the perfect addition to your jewellery collection. Labradorite is a mesmerizing gemstone that displays a range of iridescent colors, from blue and green to gold and purple, depending on the angle of light. This phenomenon is known as labradorescence, and it resembles the magical northern lights that illuminate the sky in some parts of the world.

Labradorite is not only beautiful, but also powerful. It is a stone of transformation, protection, and intuition. It can help you cope with change, shield you from negative energies, and awaken your inner wisdom. Wearing a labradorite bracelet can also balance your chakras, enhance your creativity, and boost your confidence.

Our wholesale labradorite jewellery is made with high-quality natural labradorite beads that are carefully selected for their color, clarity, and shape. We offer a variety of designs, to suit your preferences and budget, whether you want natural labradorite chips, or smooth round elegant beads. You can also mix and match our labradorite jewellery with other gemstones, such as agate, clear quartz crystal, or jasper.